Early in December 2004, owner Niël du Bois, arrived with a couple of labourers/friends, in and on Brolloks, his Chev lorry from the early 1950’s, stacked with rough building materials, fishing nets and ropes, at Mossel Bay – to give his free spirit free reigns and to establish a seafood restaurant on a beach somewhere, after decades as a journalist and media advisor.
With the blessing from Above (and thanks to the unexpected support from a municipal official or two), the first De Vette Mossel was erected, the doors opened and …..the first guests arrived, and arrived….and arrived…..

Thanks to the continuous support by our newly found Mossel friends, De Vette Mossel grew and grew.

It was unavoidable that the success should spill over and in October 2012 Neels and Annette Swart opened the second De Vette Mossel Seafood Restaurant at Hartbeespoortdam in the North West, with its own beach and Tietiesbaai lighthouse.

Here you are in the extremely capable hands of friends Neels and Annette, who grew up in the region, but fits the profile of typical West Coast hosts like a glove. Be assured of personal, friendly attention and highly efficient service.

The chefs, cleaners and kitchen staff is a story in its own right. Only jobless people were employed, trained and today they form an integral part of De Vette Mossel. Without them, De Vette Mossel is not possible – they therefore also share in the fruits of success.

Niel visits often to make 100% sure that regarding concept, menu and quality it mirrors the vision of the De Vette Mossel Restaurants.